The many health benefits of tea

tea benefitsA very popular beverage for generations, there are many varieties which can be bought. Not only can you buy White and Green varieties, but also Black and Herbal. Each with their own unique taste, it can be drunk freestanding and also with or without milk. If the leaves which are used are not sweet, sugar can be added. As well as having a refreshing taste, there are numerous health benefits of tea. Helping to hydrate the body It was once believed that this beverage had dehydrating effects. However, it is now considered that when you drink several cups, it provides the opposite effect and copious amounts of water aren’t required in order to hydrate the body. There are other health benefits of tea, such as improving the quality of your bones. It has been proven that when you drink this particular beverage, bones become stronger and the harmful effects of tooth decay are alleviated; tooth plaque can also be reduced too as a direct result of drinking this particular beverage. Antioxidants help the body through a number of different ways As there is a naturally high amount of antioxidants in tea, this can help to repair cells and protect against many forms of cancer and heart disease. Antioxidants can also help the body to overcome the effects of aging and pollution as well. If you live in a densely populated area where pollution levels are high, smog and other harmful toxins can seriously affect the body. However, the damage which is caused by pollution can be reduced because of the high antioxidant levels which are evident in this beverage. Overcoming the damaging effects of coffee As lower levels of caffeine are found in tea when compared to coffee, this can help the body to be less ‘jittery’. You may have discovered that drinking coffee late at night is not a good idea because it can cause headaches; this results in a disruptive night’s sleep. As tea has an approximate caffeine value of 30mg to 40mg (coffee has an average of 135mg), it can help the body to overcome the potential damage which is caused by coffee. With many varieties to choose from and being drunk around the world by a considerable number of people, not only does it have an amazing taste but there are many health benefits of tea which you can personally take advantage of; these could help your body in many different ways.

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