Tea from India

Teas From India 70% of all the tea produced in India is consumed by India itself, and is the nations favorite drink. India is the second largest producer of tea in the world, and is home to a large number of teas that are renowned worldwide. Most tea from India is black, but they also produce, white, green and oolong. The production of tea in India is so vast; it is one of the main employers in the country. Although tea was cultivated in ancient India, it was mainly used for medicine, but some regions did boil the plant and drink it. It was only in the 1820’s when the British Empire used India as a trading port that mass production of drinkable tea began. The modern Indian tea industry is so large it also owns famous foreign brands such as Tetley and Typhoo. Two of the most commercially successful teas worldwide are from India, they are: Assam Tea darjeeling teaAssam is a black tea from India, and like most teas is manufactured from the plant Camellia Sinensis. Assam tea is from the Indian region of the same name, and also produces white and green teas. The tea is very popular in Europe and has a fruity flavor that complements a breakfast meal. The discovery of Assam tea is surrounded in myth, but it is claimed that the Scottish adventurer Robert Bruce first found the plant. It is reported that Bruce, while travelling in the region noticed local tribesman boiling the plant and consuming it as a drink. Bruce decided to have the plant examined by scientists, but died before the plant was properly identified. It was eventually his brother Charles who insisted the plant be properly identified, and Assam tea was born. Darjeeling Tea Darjeeling tea is made in the Darjeeling region of India. The most popular Darjeeling tea is black, but it is also available as oolong and white. Its flavor is similar to that of mulled wine, but with a much more light and refreshing taste. Darjeeling tea like champagne can only be manufactured in the region of the same name. There are five variations of Darjeeling tea, and are simply identified by what time of the year they are harvested. Darjeeling tea is the most famous tea from India, and is drunk worldwide. Although very popular the tea remains one of the most expensive to purchase, but over the years it has become possible to find reasonably priced options.

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