A popular type of tea which is drunk worldwide

Russian teaConsumed not just in Russia but around the world, Russian Tea is normally enjoyed after a meal. It is usually prepared in a samovar (a Russian type of teapot) and they are typically designed in the shape of an urn. A samovar is decorated with icons from Russian folk tales and their capacity ranges from one to another. How Russian Tea is stewed in an entirely different way Just like with a British tea pot, a samovar can be bought in a variety of sizes. The smallest samovar holds an average of three litres, whereas the largest samovar can store over thirty litres. When Russian Tea is prepared, three samovars are typically placed on top of each other; this is completed in order to maintain the temperature of the tea itself. These samovars have different sizes from each other and, when situated above and below, look very much like an animal or mythical figure. Of the aforementioned number of samovars, the middle samovar has the strongest type of tea. The samovar which is situated at the top, of which it is the smallest, normally has herbs and spices in it, whereas the largest samovar that’s on the bottom contains hot water. So, how is it prepared in Russia and other worldwide countries? The many ways in which Russian Tea can be made from home You will discover that this process is straightforward and hassle-free. If you have a minimal amount of time to spend on making a cup of Russian Tea, you can still enjoy this refreshing drink. The ingredients of a Russian Tea mix can be two cups of Tang, one cup of sweetened lemonade mix, one cup of sugar, half a cup of instant tea, a teaspoon of cinnamon and teaspoon cloves as well. When all of these ingredients have been gathered, they need to be placed into a bowl or a half gallon Mason jar. After mixing these ingredients together, it needs to be stored in an airtight container. When you want to use the tea mix, all you have to do is place two tablespoons into a cup of boiling water. As already discussed, you can easily enjoy this popular type of tea and it won’t take a very long time in order to do so. As the aforementioned recipe can produce countless cups of tea, you don’t have to live in Moscow or St Petersburg in order to enjoy this fabulous beverage because it can be drunk wherever you are in the world.

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