A delicious drink which is enjoyed around the world

jasmine teaAlthough it originates from China, Jasmine Tea’s popularity has reached other countries which are a significant distance away from its roots. A type of Green Tea which is made with white leaves, it can also be made by using Oolong or Black Tea leaves as well. The Jasmine flower has a very distinct smell which cannot be found with other types of tea. When Jasmine is combined with tea leaves, the result is both a smell and taste which is difficult to match. You might be wondering about what the exact process is behind how this tea is made. So, here’s a step by step guide which explains it in full. The many stages which are taken in order to make this popular beverage As with all types of tea, the first step which is completed in order to make Jasmine Tea is to harvest tea leaves; this normally happens during the spring. When leaves have been harvested, they are stored until the Jasmine flower begins to bloom; this takes place during the summer months. When Jasmine flowers are due to be harvested, they are picked at earlier points of the day when blooms are still closed. After the Jasmine flower has opened and they have been harvested, they are added to tea leaves (which have been dried) and are left overnight. During this time, the tea leaves absorb the smell of Jasmine. The same process is completed on a considerable number of occasions until the tea leaves have the required fragrance. When the preferred quality is achieved, the leaves are re-fired and dried before being packaged. Why the quality of Jasmine Tea is dependent on many factors As with any process which is used in order to make tea, there are numerous aspects which play a huge role in determining its final quality. A prime example is the leaves which are used. When purchasing Jasmine Tea, it is recommended that you choose a loose leaf variety. This is because a lesser amount of additives are found in loose leaf Jasmine Tea when compared to the other ways which it is available in. The many health benefits that this type of tea offers It is a widely regarded fact that when you want to lose weight, this particular beverage can dramatically help to achieve this. As Jasmine flowers have a natural sweetness, you will be less reluctant to add sugar. Therefore, body weight isn’t gained at all when enjoying this type of tea. With much to recommend Jasmine Tea, its popularity shows no signs of changing whatsoever in its eight hundred year history.

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